2019 Audi A3 New, Review, Engine

Audi A3 is very popular in the old continent with buyers. In recent years, he has circled around 200k units of annual sales, which is quite above the direct competition in Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1 Series. Based on that fame a few years ago the lineup was widened with sedan and conversion versions, but why stop there if there are more profitable areas to make a profit. Mercedes offers for some time now the CLA’s four-door funky coupe, and managed to sell more than 60k units last year.

2019 Audi A3

Not a small number if you see it as a derivative of A-Class, and if you group the numbers together you will reach the Audi mentioned. We are not sure whether BMW will extend the Series 2 offer and introduce a sedan version to Europe perhaps with a worse roof to compete with Merc, but we believe that Audi A3 is in preparation.


German car manufacturers have offered four-door offers. The sleek and handsome A5 sedan version was introduced during the first generation, and we recently launched a second, while the beautiful Audi A7 is also not far from welcoming successors. In 2014 the company even managed to inspire us with the TT Sportback Concept that gave another set of doors, while the first SUV with coupe-ish instructions was on its way. So, a dashing roof is something familiar to Ingolstadt, and now it’s time to find its way into a compact segment as well.


Hoping to debut together with the new generation of Audi A3, maybe during 2019. We can almost be sure that design will become an evolution, perhaps with additional sharpness and aggression, which does not seem necessary at this time, but upon arrival, it will fit perfectly. The cabin is the class that is leading at the moment, and that will not change, because it can be better considering how much attention Audi has to him.

Things like Virtual Cockpit will be improved while the infotainment system might switch to the touch screen. We know that Audi and other domestic competitors refuse so far to go in that direction and always rely on everything’s control buttons, but the new Audi A8 has to make its debut with the haptic touch screen. Maybe it’s too far to expect the same thing in the new Audi A3, but who knows.

This new model can use many existing line engines ranging from 1.0 liter I3 units to 2.0 liter I4 units. The turbocharged 2.4 liter I5 found in the hospital is a separate story. It provides 400 hp at the moment, the highest number in this segment, but because competition never sleeps a new generation will carry larger numbers. As for the gearbox, the 6-speed manual or the 7 speed automatic DSG must be fixed, as well as the AWD Quattro as an option other than the usual AWD.


2019 is still far from here, and it’s hard to tell anyone to wait for something until then. But 2019 Audi A3 Coupe should be awaited, because the current sedan is very proportional and attractive in some serious business ways, despite its small size. With the roof suddenly deciding to slide down it can be more interesting, and if the Mercedes CLA is too young for your taste, this might press the right button. With the expected price tag in line with Merc’s € 29k ($ 31k) in Europe, that would be quite a number of alternatives, because BMW is clearly not willing to offer Series 2 door 4 outside China, at least for now.

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