2019 Audi A6 Review

Slinging the all-new 2019 Audi A6 round the endlessly twisting roads of Portugal’s Douro depression, it appears like the midsize luxury staple has one thing unaccustomed prove. Long one amongst Audi’s best sellers, the A6 has taken a sales hit from high-end SUVs as well as its own stablemates, the Q5 and Q7. Audi is presenting the 2019 A6 as a platform for up to date vogue, trendy picture and assist systems, over a touch little bit of sports car-like performance, and—quite literally—quiet luxury.

Audi A6Launching in Europe with a further try of obtainable diesel engines, the U.S. can ab initio see solely a three.0-liter turbocharged V6 manufacturing 340 HP and 369 lb-ft of torsion. Expect a 4-cylinder engine choice to become on the market in America when the V6 models begin to roll out. just like the A7 and A8, the new A6 is additionally a light hybrid, with a 48-volt main electrical system purpose-made to assist potency. A belt generator starter connected to the A6’s rotating shaft will recover up to twelve kW throughout slowing, storing that power in a very lithium-ion battery within the rear. That power is employed to extend the edge of the A6’s start-stop system to merely below fourteen mph, and is additionally connected to the camera sensors of the A6 thus it will begin the engine duplicate because it senses traffic moving ahead even with the driver’s foot on the brake.

A 7-speed S tronic dual-clutch gear case is paired with the three.0-liter ICE. a number of our German-spec A6s featured air suspension, that won’t build it to the U.S. (not till the S6, anyway). we’ll see a standard steel-sprung suspension with damper management and a sport suspension choice with stiffer springs, that sits twenty metric linear unit under commonplace. take a look at cars were additionally equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport four tires that we’d be appalled to check in America, that created for a grippy sedan. Progressive mechanical device steering is commonplace, with Associate in Nursing facultative dynamic all-wheel steering mechanism on the market solely in alternative markets, however not within the U.S. (again, not till the S6 makes it stateside). It’s a touch lightweight in feel; terribly precise tho’ we’d prefer to see it a touch firmer in “dynamic” mode.

More dynamism, please

The bends within the Douro depression roads we have a tendency to drove had USA enamored the three.0-liter turbocharged engine, however additionally want that the “dynamic” mode were a touch a lot of, well, dynamic. once making ready for corner entry and exit, for instance, we have a tendency to were searching for the transmission to drop another gear or 2. Instead we have a tendency to terminated up pushing a lot of into the accelerator on corner exit to trigger downshifts; by the time all that had happened we have a tendency to were heading into another tight corner, losing the chance to make speed on any tiny straights encountered. It’s a testament to the monstrous engine that you simply will even pull that trick off, though. Braking is superb, requiring very little effort whereas giving sensible feedback and confidence.

Audi A6 picturesAudi’s run of lovely interior style continues within the 2019 A6. the main target is a lot of toward somatosensory system than on “luxury,” with a future-forward aesthetic as well as 2 center displays for Audi’s MMI bit response software package. A lower 8.6-inch screen lets the user produce up to twenty seven shortcuts for vehicle functions as well as climate management, navigation destinations and a lot of. The text input system currently allows you to write out whole words with a swipe of your finger instead of simply letters—maybe not revolutionary, however terribly cool. The higher screen (8.8 inches in Premium A6 models, 10.1 inches in Premium and and Prestige) is for picture options, and “buttons” for varied functions may be organized smartphone-style.

A voice system additionally permits users to have interaction and alter a spread of systems with everyday speech commands. whereas we’re predicting a comeback for tactile buttons and switchgear within the future, the perception and acoustic feedback in Audi MMI is spectacular. mistreatment climate management as Associate in Nursing example, you’ll be able to modification the temperature in 1-degree increments with a press with perception feedback to match. otherwise you will simply swipe up or down on the quantity, scrolling to the temperature you wish. you’ll be able to additionally adjust the cabin temps with a 2-finger pinch anyplace on the screen.

Audi A6 exteriorPlenty of driver assists

The facultative MMI navigation and includes Audi virtual cockpit and its twelve.3-inch high-resolution show within the dash, with relevant info projected onto the windscreen. each and and commonplace MMI navigation have a self-learning operate supported driving routes, and maps can update over-the-air fourfold each year. The 2019 A6 can embody a barrage of driver assist systems, tho’ we have a tendency to don’t nevertheless skills several are going to be on the market in U.S. models. Highlights embody adaptational cruise assist, which mixes adaptational controller with the lane steerage operate and tie up assist over the complete speed vary. a brand new use of aboard systems brings “Bottleneck Assist,” that corrects steering in roadwork or if the automobile veers to shut to the sting of the road.


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